Inter-Institute Colloquium for the DTH and PG Students
Theme: Development, Migration and Mission: Pastoral-theological Responses
Carmelgiri and Mangalapuzha Campuses (29 - 30 January 2014)
Main Objective:   To promote a greater academic interaction among the research
Subsidiary Aims: = To analyze the reality of rapid migration in the Indian
= To explore the Biblical and theological
                                                understanding of migration 
= To discuss the pastoral implications of migration: the
            challenges and opportunities for mission
Participants:       (50)
  • 18 invited guests (Ranchi, JDV Pune, DVK Bangalore, St. Peter’s Bangalore, PVP Kottayam & PIA)
  • 20 M.Th and D.Th students
  • 10 delegates of the Students
  • Seminary Staff
Conveners : Frs. Antony Ponvelil,  Sujan Amurutham Justin Vettukallel, John
 Puliparambil & Mrs. Annie Berly
Advisory Board: Dr. Vincent Kundukulam, Dr. Gregory R.B., Dr. Mathew
                                    Illathuparampil & Dr. Baiju Julian, Dr. Sebastian Panjikaran
                                    & Dr. Ambrose Puthenveetil
Registration: 8.30 am (Carmelgiri Campus: Theology Quarters II Floor, Auditorium)
Inaugural Meeting (8.45-9.30am)
Prayer: Sr. Margret
Welcome: Dr. Vincent Kundukulam (President, PIA) (5 mints)
Inauguration, Lighting the lamp: Dr. Jacob Prasad (Rector, Carmelgiri Seminary) (5 mnts)
Presidential Address: Dr. Suman Ekka (President, St. Albert’s, Ranchi) (3 mnts)
Dynamics (Fr. Justin Vettukallel, D.Th Student, PIA, 5mnts)
Self Introduction of participants
Main paper (30 mnts) sub-paper (15 mints) discussion (15 mnts)
Session 1:        9.30-10.30 am: Interplay of Development and Migration: Voices from
                                     the grass-roots
Mr. Santhosh Polakkulam  (20 mnts)
Fr. Martin Pudussery s.j. (20 mints)
Moderator: Dr. Sujan Amuruthum
10.30-10.50 am: Tea Break
Session 2:        10.50 – 11. 50 am: Biblical Paradigms of Migration - St. Peter’s Bangalore
Fr. Albert Selwyn (Main Paper)
Fr. Joseph OFM (Sub-paper) (St. Peter’s Bangalore)
Moderator: Dr. Baiju Julian
Session 3:        11.55 – 12.55:  Migration: Cultural and Religious Issues, PVP, Kottayam
Fr Joseph (Joshi) Mullappallil MST (Doctoral Student – Main Paper)
Fr George Puthuparambil (M.Th Student – Sub Paper)
Moderator: Dr. Jerman Shaji
01.00 pm: Lunch
Session 4:        02.30 – 03.30 pm: Migration, a locus for new models of being Church
JDV, Pune
Fr. Sunny Kunnel S.J., (Doctoral student, Main Paper)
Fr. Adrian Fernandes SFX, (1st M.Th., Sub-paper)         
Moderator: Dr. Augustine Kadeparambil
03.30-03.45 pm: Tea Break
Session 5:        03.45 – 04.45 pm The Magisterial Teachings on Development and
 Migration St. Albert’s, Ranchi
Bro. K. Appunraj (Main paper)
Deacon Bhushan Bara (Sub-paper)
                        Moderator: Dr. Joy Arakkal
04.45 pm: Tea
05.00 pm Trip to Ernakulam-Kochi
SECOND DAY, Thursday 30 at Mangalapuzha Campus
Session 6:        09.00-10.00 am: Migration to the Towns and Pastoral Challenges
                        DVK, Bangalore
Fr. Arun Augustine Kalamattathil (Main Paper),
Fr. Joby Kochumuttom (Sub-paper)
                        Moderator: Dr. Suman Ekka 
10.00 – 10.20 am: Tea Break
Session 7:        10.20-11.20 am: Evangelizing the Migrants and Migrants as
                                    Evangelizers PIA, Alwaye
Fr. Justin Vettukallel MST, D. Th (Main Paper)
Mrs. Annie Berly M.Th (Sub Paper)
Moderator: Dr. Martin Kallungal
Session 8:        11.30-12.30 am Group Discussion
(There are 5 groups, each group is presided by a leader and the secretary from each will present the report in the common session for five minutes)
                        01.00 pm Lunch (30 minutes excess before lunch)
Session 9:        2.30-3.30 pm Reports and Common Discussion
Reporting by the secretaries, five 5 minutes each
Synthesis of discussions from the sessions - 5 minutes
Common Discussion
Moderator: Dr. Antony Nariculam (Rector, Mangalapuzha Seminary)
Session 10:      3.30-4.00 pm Concluding remarks
Remarks by Dr. Gregory R.B. and Dr. Illathuparampil (7 mnts each)
Evaluation from the Participants
Vote of Thanks
4.00 pm: Tea
Publishing the Papers
  • Main papers (moderately long in view of publication: 2500 words)
  • Sub-papers (1000 words)
  • Report of the group discussions and of the discussions from the sessions
  • Concluding Remarks
  • Last date of submitting the papers to the Coordinator (before March 1, 2014)