Saint Joseph.

Joseph (Hebrew יוֹסֵף, "Yosef"; Greek: Ἰωσήφ) is a figure in the Gospels, the husband ofMary the mother of Jesus and the guardian of Jesus. In Roman Catholic, Eastern Orthodoxand Anglican Christian traditions he is regarded as Saint Joseph.

The Pauline epistles, generally considered the earliest extant Christian records, make no reference to Jesus' father; nor does the Gospel of Mark, generally considered the first of the gospels.[2] The first appearance of Joseph is therefore in the gospels of Matthew andLuke. Each contains a genealogy of Jesus tracing his ancestry back to King David, but the two are from different sons of David; Matthew follows the major royal line from Solomon, while Luke follows a minor line from Nathan, another son of David and Bathsheba. Consequently all the names between David and Joseph are different. According to Matthew "Jacob was the father of Joseph," while according to Luke, Joseph, or possibly Jesus, is said to be "of Heli." Some scholars reconcile the genealogies by viewing the Solomonic lineage in Matthew as Joseph's major royal line, and the Nathanic lineage in Luke to be Mary's minor line.[3][4]


The Institute is entrusted with “the task of preparing with special care students for the priestly ministry for teaching the sacred sciences, and for the more arduous task of the Apostolate”. It is also the task of the Institute “to explore more profoundly the various areas of the sacred disciplines so that day by day a deeper understanding of the Sacred Revelation will be developed, the heritage of Christian wisdom handed down by our ancestors will be plainly brought into view.


The Institute erected by the Holy See at Alwaye, Kerala State, India, shall be called “The Pontifical Institute, Alwaye”. It functions in St. Joseph’s Pontifical Seminary Mangalapuzha and Camelgiri. It is entrusted to the Kerala Catholic Bishops’ Council and is under the overall supervision of the Congregation for Catholic Education. It has at present the Faculty of Theology and Philosophy and may open new Faculties with the approval of the Holy See.