Academic Degrees

Academic Degrees 

According to the Statutes drawn up for the Faculty, the institutional cycle leading to the degree of Bachelor of  Theology consists of two stages.  The first stage comprises three years of Philosophy with languages and subsidiary subjects on Religion and Social Sciences.  A Diploma in Philosophy used to be given to the students who successfully completed this course.  On 1st October 1974 the Congregation for Catholic Education issued a decree authorising the Pontifical Institute of Theology and Philosophy  to confer the degree of Bachelor of Philosophy.
At present the Institute is empowered to confer the following degrees:

                        1) Bachelor of Philosophy
                        2) Bachelor of Theology
                        3) Master of Theology
                        4) Doctor of Theology
The degree of Bachelor of Philosophy is conferred on those who  successfully complete the three years course in Philosophy.  Those students who hold a University Degree prior to their joining the Institute can follow a two year cylce leading to the Degree of Bachelor in Philosophy. The degree of Bachelor of Theology is conferred on those who successfully complete the three and a half years course in Theology.  The degree of Master of Theology is conferred on those who successfully complete the four semesters of specialization in a prescribed branch of Theology. At present Spiritual Theology, Dogmatic Theology,  Pastoral Theology & Counselling and Biblical Theology are offered by the Institute as branches of specialization.The degree of Doctor of Theology is conferred after two semesters of the doctoral course and on fulfilment of the conditions stipulated by the Institute.


Written examinations in individual subjects are held at the end of the semester in which they are taught. A maximum of 25% of the marks allotted for a subject  is set apart for  internal assessment in the form of test papers or written assignments.  These marks are counted along with the marks received in the examination at the end of the semester.  Pass mark in individual subject is 40%.

Grading System

The Basic Course, B.Ph. and B.Th. results will be placed in the following categories.

                40-49%             :    Passed with Third Class

                50-59%             :    II Class

                60-74%             :    I Class

                75-85%             :    Distinction